Senior school


​​​​On behalf of the Earnshaw College Community, we welcome you to our senior school.

The Senior School embodies the concept of striving for excellence through determination, confidence and competence. Students have many opportunities to engage in academic and vocational pathways. Our goal is to equip our students for the skills and knowledge required for a successful future.

Junior secondary

At Earnshaw State College, Junior Secondary caters for Year 7 to Year 9 students.  The college provides an environment for teacher facilitated / student centred learning where students will continue their development of the core curriculum areas.  We recognise the developmental needs of early adolescents and support transition from primary to secondary education by offering students in year 6 ongoing opportunities for students to experience a wider range of subjects provided by specialist teachers and resources, enhancing their learning throughout their junior secondary years.

In our unique environment, we are committed to the Six Guiding Principles of Junior Secondary, which includes Distinct Identity, Student Well-Being, Quality Teaching, Leadership, Parent and Community Involvement and Local Decision Making.

The aim of our junior secondary programs is to engage our students in a rich seamless curriculum through:

  • Connection to life outside school through real life curriculum opportunities.
  • Experiencing integrated units of work including literacy and numeracy opportunities across the curriculum.
  • Using problem-solving and decision-making techniques of various inquiry processes to investigate learning.
  • Improving communication / social / self-management skills.
  • Developing an awareness of social and cultural responsibilities.
  • Negotiating learning and authentic assessment.
  • Having their diverse needs met through the exploration of learning styles.

Earnshaw State College responds to this stage of student’s development by providing a Junior Secondary approach. Dedicated core teachers deliver the Core subjects of English, Maths, Humanities, Science and HPE. A year level coordinator provides the first level of support for students and is a central contact person for parents. 
Programs are delivered though the Wellbeing Hub, which is supported by a guidance counsellor, chaplain, youth worker and school nurse.

Our distinctive academic excellence program is offered in Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9. Students study English, Humanities, Science and Mathematics. Students are engaged in learning with a strong focus on connection to real life applications and have an emphasis on problem solving and investigative learning.  The entrance process commences in Term 4 with the submission of an application. The application must contain NAPLAN results, report cards and other achievement reports from the student.  A panel conducts interviews for students prior to offering a place in the extension class. 

Senior secondary

In our Senior School we consolidate and enhance prior learning through

  • engaging students in developing a deep knowledge and understanding of their chosen subjects
  • developing individualised pathways based on student academic or vocational goals
  • providing a rich program full of extracurricular and leadership opportunities.

At Earnshaw State College, we offer multiple educational pathways. These pathways enable students to access both academic and vocational courses and include access to university subjects, TAFE and other registered training organisation certificate or diploma courses.

Our academic curriculum offers a range of subjects that are available for students and our professional team of teachers are committed to working together with our students to achieve excellence.

Vocational education pathways, including school based apprenticeships and traineeships, industry mentoring and structured work placements, are available for all students. Our senior teachers and VET coordinator work with a range of providers to personalise programs to ensure that all students succeed. 

In summary, our senior programs offers students:

  • a broad academic curriculum, including the possibility of accelerated learning programs
  • tertiary study options during senior years
  • specialist professionals, trainers and coaches delivering Baseball and Football excellence programs
  • personalised programs leading to multiple career pathways
  • international student program
  • school based traineeship/apprenticeships
  • structured work placements
  • wide range of personal, academic and vocational support systems

We are sure that you will enjoy the many educational and extra curricular opportunities available. We look forward to working together to build a successful future for your student.

Last reviewed 20 July 2021
Last updated 20 July 2021