Email and other useful links for students


​Username and password

Students each receive a username and password when they are enrolled in a Queensland state school. This allows access to a range of online services and the College network.

  • For existing students, passwords will generally be reset prior to the commencement of the new school year. 
  • New students enrolling through the year will be able to get their username and passwords from their class teachers, or at the IT Help desk in the Library for Year 6-12 students. Note that it can take a minimum of 2 days from a student's official start date for a network account to be generated, and longer in peak times.

Usernames can also be obtained from class teachers.

Passwords can be reset by any class teacher who has a Windows laptop.

Once students know their username and password, they can reset their password at​

Email access

Each student enrolled in a state school receives a unique email address which is in the following format: This is part of the state-wide Department of Education Managed Internet Service (MIS) which incorporates a filtering tool for inappropriate language in email text and attachments.

Students use their username and password (see above) to access their email through any of the following websites:

This email must be used for all school related tasks, and must not be used for personal or social use. Any communication to College staff must be using school email.

Students should be aware that emails are filtered by the Department of Education Managed Internet Service (MIS) system, and use of inappropriate language, including in attachments, will be detected and emails quarantined. Department of Education and College Behaviour Management Policies must be followed when sending and receiving emails using a school account.

​Earnshaw learning online (ELO)

ELO (also known as Blackboard or elearn) is a Learning Management System (LMS) for online teaching, learning, and knowledge sharing. The many features and functionalities of this platform enable teachers and student to connect digitally in a stable, safe and moderated environment.  Students are able to benefit from the following key features:

  • 24/7 access to curriculum materials including texts, lesson notes, videos and links.
  • Course announcements where teachers can post updates, reminders and news for their classes. 
  • Collaborative tools including wikis, blogs and discussion boards for student collaborative work. 
  • Integration with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra allowing students to participate in video conference lessons if required.  

Students use a range of learning tools in their classes. These include:

  • Virtual Classrooms through; a list of available course will be listed under “My Courses".  Students will have received an email with a link to Virtual Classrooms they have been enrolled in
  • Learning Place EdStudios through; go to My Learning Space at top, then on Studios on the left, then on the class EdStudio. There are also many useful student resources and links in the Learning Place.​


OneSchool is the school management system that is used in state schools.

Students can use OneSchool to:

  • print current timetable
  • create and access SET Plan (from Year 10)

​Students can access OneSchool  using their username and password (see above).

Last reviewed 26 April 2023
Last updated 26 April 2023