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Our staff

Executive leadership team​


​College Principal David Bosworth Email
Head of School​ Richard Tweney (secondary) Email​
​Brendan Forbes (junior) Email
Deputy Principal​ Jacqueline Smith​ (M-Th) Email
Head of Department​ Peter Wilson
- maths, science, HPE, home economics
​Jane Freier
- english, humanities, LOTE, the arts
​Scott Saxby
- innovation, information technology, business, industrial design and technology
​Kath McCann
- teaching and learning
​Anita Johnson (HOSES)
- TLC, student services


Student welfare


​Guidance Officer ​Sue Atkinson Email
Chaplain​ ​Hannah Henry (M-Th) Email​
School-based youth health nurse​ Liz Bowman (M)​ Email
Youth support co-ordinator​ ​Samantha Robertson (Tu/W) Email​
​Speech pathologist ​Caitlin O'Rourke ​​Email​


Teaching staff



Maths/science ​Melanie Bates Email
​Maths/science ​Hans Bauer Email
English/humanities​ Kate Bell Email
Maths/science​ Scott Boddice​ Email
Manual arts/graphics &
year 9/10 co-ordinator​
Jonathan Chapman​ Email
Business​ ​Wesley Compton Email
Business​/legal studies ​Fiona Davies Email
​HPE/history ​Jeremy Heinemann Email
Maths/science​ ​Leon Hill (Tu-F) Email
Business​/english/ &
VET co-ordinator
Colleen Hills Email
English/humanities​, 7A Naomi Keast​ Email
Art​ Leigh Korbatits​ Email
Science/maths​ ​Shannon Logan Email
​HPE ​Stephanie Messinis ​​Email
Maths/science​ Luke Millard​ Email
English/drama Julie Norman​ (M/Tu/Th/F) Email
Manual arts/graphics &
year 11/12 co-ordinator​
Gavin Padget​ Email
​English/humanities &
year 7/8 and sport co-ordinator
Alice Patterson (M-Th)​ Email
​English/humanities ​David Rickard Email
Home economics​ Tiarni Rix​ (M-Th) Email
​English/humanities ​Beth Watt Email
English/humanities​ Amanda Witt (M/Tu/Th/F)​ Email




PE​ ​Shannon Kelly ​Email
STLN​ ​Donna Whitson (M/Tu/W) Email
​Early years ​Laura Taylor Email
​6M ​Caitlyn Fitzgerald Email
​6N ​Ethan Denning-Ebert ​​Email​
5B​ Clinton Marychurch Email
​5G ​Talia Hamilton Email
​4/5B ​Greg Emerson ​​​​Email​
​4B ​Jason Taylour Email
4G​ Jo-lene Crank​ Email
​3A ​​​Louise Diamond Email
​3B ​Sarah Williamson ​​Email
​2/3C ​Tiffany Watson (M/Tu/W) Email
​2/3C Kirralee Cabrera (W/Th/F) ​​Email​
​2A ​Fab Ridolfi ​Email​
​2B ​Elissa Liber Email
​1A ​Terri Fair Email
​1B ​Julie Green Email
​1C ​Lisa Witherspoon ​Email
Prep A​ Jenna Finlayson ​Email
Prep B​ ​Kristin Webb Email




Master teacher​ Megan Hindmarch Email
Teacher librarian​ Jennie Harvey​ (M-W) Email
​Chris Gordon (M/Tu/Th/F)
​Da Vinci's workshop Megan Wallace ​​Email
​Student services ​Leisa Atley ​​Email
Lisa Connors Email
Verona Ker​
Amy Taylor ​​Email
Christian Willmer Email
Music​ ​Naomi Drogemuller (M-Th) Email
Instrumental music​ Julianne Schick (M/Tu-AM/Th)​ Email
​Brenden Schick (M-PM) ​​Email
LOTE​ ​Mari Iinuma - Japanese Email


Non-teaching staff



​Science operations officer ​Karen Capps (M/Tu/Th) Email
IT technician​ ​Patrick Hackett ​Email
​IT assistant ​Sam Fortescue ​​Email


Teacher Aides


Secondary​ ​Sally Baguley (Tu/Th) - home ec / art Email
Sandra Downing Email
Rowan Sedgman (M/Tu) - manual arts​
​Junior Belinda Jones Email
​Kerrie Lovell (M-Th) Email
​Natasha Maher ​​​Email
Karyn Ngatoko​
Junior - prep​ ​Tanya Somerville Email
Carol Trinder​ Email
Library resource centre​ ​Denise Barber (+ student services) Email
Lorraine Herne​ Email
Student services Michelle Bosel​ Email
​Emily Lovell
Leann Perrett​ Email
Averil Venn​ Email
​Tara Weringhaus Email​




Business Services Manager​ ​Kirsten Tuckett Email
​Administration officers Margaret Waite - junior office ​​Email
Paula Chilcott - junior office​ Email
Kerry Rowe - senior office​
Jill Smith - senior office​ Email
​Eva Petrovic - senior office Email


Grounds and facilities


Schools officer - facilities​ ​Kevin Campbell
Schools officers - grounds​ Lionel Delandelles
Billy Edwards​​ (M-W)
​Cleaners ​Kyle Bennett
​Raeleigh Bennett

​Phillip Crabb
Dee Edwards​
Mark Ford​
Joan Keen​
Sabina Lando​
Roslyn McGrow​
Nancy Thompson​
Kathy Turner​




​Tuckshop convenor ​Sashaan Anthony
Bookshop convenor​ Nancy Thompson Email​
OSHC co-ordinator​ ​Sue Das Email

​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​