Parent Teacher Interviews



Dear Parents/Carers,

Parent-Teacher interviews will be held for all students on Wednesday October 6, 2021, from 3:00 – 7:00pm. These interviews will be in 10-minute bookable slots.

Bookings will be opened to parents from 3:00pm, Friday September 17, 2021. The portal will be open for parents to register from Monday September 13 to ensure a hassle free booking system on the 17th.

We are again using Parent/Teacher Online (PTO) bookings. Using this system you will be able to book the interview times that suit you best from any internet-connected computer. If you do not have access to the internet at home, please contact the College for assistance.

Due to security and privacy requirements of Education Queensland, we are not permitted to load parent and student names into PTO without first obtaining individual consent from parents. PTO allows this consent to be obtained as a part of the login process. Please follow these steps to log in to PTO and make your interview bookings:

1. Go to .

2. At the PTO login screen, click “Register for use” and enter your name and email address. Then click “Send registration”. By doing so you are consenting to your information being stored in PTO and being used for the purpose of interview bookings.

3. An email containing your login PIN will be sent to the email address you provided. You may need to check your junk mail folder as genuine email messages can sometimes be incorrectly classified as junk mail.

4. If you don’t have an email address, contact the school by phoning (07) 3621 7333 so that we can enter your details for you.

5. After you have received your login details, click “Login” on the PTO login screen and enter your surname and PIN as shown in the email or as advised by the school.

6. Enter the Student ID of the student for whom you wish to book interviews. Education Queensland student IDs (EQ Id) have ten numbers followed by one letter. You can enter more than one ID if you have multiple students at the school. Students should know their own student IDs or they can be found on your Earnshaw State College invoice or they are indicated in the text with attachment of student report cards when they were emailed. The classes of each student can be listed to check that you have entered the ID correctly, and to help distinguish between siblings.

7. You can optionally enter the name of the students for the IDs entered. By doing so you are consenting to the student’s name being stored and used in PTO for interview bookings. You do not have to enter the name of the student(s) but doing so will help you when making bookings and will also help teachers to know who they are seeing/discussing for each interview.

8. After you have entered your student ID(s) and optional name(s), proceed to make bookings as instructed on the screen.

If you have any questions or concerns about security or privacy of information stored in PTO please visit the

Please note the following points:

• Bookings are made for individual parents/guardians, not for couples. Couples can however log on to the system simultaneously to coordinate bookings. If two parents/guardians wish to attend a single interview time slot, one parent/guardian should make the booking then both can attend.

• You will only see time slots that are available at the time you are using the system. As time slots are booked for teachers, those time slots are no longer displayed as available. PTO prevents double-booking of teachers or parents/guardians.

• When you have made all the bookings you require, you can download or email a PDF report of your bookings in time order for printing. You can log in and change bookings any time up to 24 hours before your interview.

• Other parents may be making bookings at the same time that you are using the system. It is possible, though unlikely, that a time slot is displayed to you as available, but is then booked by another parent shortly afterwards. If you then attempt to book this time slot it will not be available and a message will be displayed to indicate this.

• If you encounter any problems using PTO please contact the school office by phone on (07) 3621 7333 or email

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Last reviewed 03 September 2021
Last updated 03 September 2021