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Curriculum framework

Strong foundations: prep to year 2

High quality education early in life gives children the best start. The priorities for the early years program will be building strong foundations for learning and success. The P-2 program prioritises early literacy and numeracy practices. There is a strong focus on oral language as a prerequisite to reading and writing and hands-on exploration and investigation in numeracy. The focus on creativity acknowledges that children are capable and competent and have been learning since birth. Children build deep understandings when they learn through interactions, active exploration and experimentation and by representing their learning in a variety of modes. 

The social and emotional dimension focuses on building children’s awareness of being members of many social groups, including family, school, cultural and community. Learning experiences contribute to developing abilities to respect and cooperate with others. This dimension also focuses on developing children’s positive identity, self-esteem, resilience, personal organisation and independence as they interact successfully with others and their learning environments.

Gender-based education: years 4 and 5

This program stems from an understanding of gender-based learning and is designed towards increasing options, levels of participation and outcomes of schooling for girls and boys. The program builds on knowledge and understanding and ways of working in literacy, numeracy and science. It imbeds multiliteracies and information technology in all Key Learning Areas, ensuring that our students are well prepared to be active and informed citizens in a diverse and changing world.

This program offers gender-specific programs to support developing social and emotional needs of these students. “Revved Up” is designed to help boys identify their own personal responses to situations that affect their lives, empowering them with strategies for self-monitoring of reactions and feelings. “MPower” is designed to deal with issues around how girls relate to one another and develop skills to cope with and respond to the sometimes subtle behaviours that are familiar to girls’ groups.

Enterprise program: years 7 and 8

This Program is designed to engage our students in the challenge of Enterprise Education. Enterprise education is learning directed towards developing in young people those skills, competencies, understandings, and attributes which equip them to be innovative, and to identify, create, initiate, and successfully manage personal, community, business, and work opportunities, including working for themselves.

The Year 7 and 8 Enterprise Program includes the core subjects, English, Mathematics, Science, SOSE, Physical Education, The Arts, LOTE (Cultural Studies) and Technology. While English, Mathematics and Science are taught explicitly they are also integrated into an Enterprise Education Program. During Years 7 and 8 our students will complete 4 Enterprises focused on Sustainable Economics, Sustainable Communities and Culture and Sustainable Environments.

Senior schooling program: years 10, 11 and 12

The Senior School Program develops options and pathways for our students as they progress to University, TAFE and/or the world of work. Year 10 is a prerequisite year for Years 11 and 12. Students undertake foundation studies in the key curriculum areas as they prepare to specialise in Years 11 and 12. Vocational and academic pathways are catered for through access to certificate courses and authority subjects. The diversity of subjects offered is significantly expanded through the provision of supervised online learning at the College in the Individual Pursuit Program.