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Earnshaw goes BYOD


Earnshaw State College now offers a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program.  This option is open to all year 1-12 students across the college who wish to use a personal device for their school work. Please refer to the BYOD charter (PDF, 289K) for full information. 

Earnshaw State College BYOD program

The Earnshaw State College BYOD program provides: 

the capacity to personalise and target learning to meet the individual learning needs of students;

the development of knowledge and skills necessary for the 21st century workforce, including digital-age literacy, innovative and creative thinking, effective communication, creative and critical thinking and high productivity;

strong links between home and school, giving parents the opportunity to see, every day, what their child is learning at school and enable relevant, timely and quality conversations around student learning and progress;

an opportunity for students to be co-constructive in their own learning journey.

Before acquiring a device to use at school, the parent or caregiver and student should be aware of the college’s specification of appropriate device type, operating system requirements and software. These specifications relate to the suitability of the device to enable completion of class activities, meet student needs and promote safe and secure access to the department’s network.

The college’s BYOD program may support printing, filtered internet access, and file access and storage through the department’s network while at school. However, the college’s BYOD program does not include school technical support or charging of devices at school.

Technical support table

​Connection ​Hardware ​​Software
​Parents and
​​✓ (home ​provided internet connection) ​✓ ​✓
​Students ​✓ ​✓ ​✓
​College ​✓ (​college provided internet connection) ​✓​ ​(some college based software arrangements)
​✓ (see specifics of warranty on purchase)

Enrolment process

All devices will need to be enrolled with the college before use at school.  Please follow the process outlined below. 

Before enrolment

1. Ensure that college fees have been paid. 

2. Ensure that purchased/chosen device meets minimum specifications. Please see appendix B - purchasing a device (PDF, 33K). If you need assistance in determining whether your device meets minimum specifications, please contact the college.

3. Install antivirus software (AVG, Avast, Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro) and ensure it operates correctly, by scanning the device for viruses or potential threats.

4. Complete the ‘College BYOD enrolment’ form in full. Please complete appendix A - responsible device use form (PDF, 33K) and appendix E – enrolment form (PDF, 48K).

5. Bring your device and completed form to the senior office.  The device will be immediately checked to ensure that current antivirus software is installed.  

During enrolment 

1. Device is forwarded to college technician to complete the enrolment process.

2. College technician will log in as an administrator to check device’s security status.

3. The device will be enrolled to connect the college’s wireless network.

4. Relevant software or apps will be installed. See appendix C - software and apps (PDF, 52K).

5. Device is tested for wireless connectivity. Please note this will reset student account password back to default.

6. Communication that device is ready is sent to the contact nominated on the enrolment form.  

After Enrolment

1. Device is collected from the senior office.

2. While at the senior office, student will test the device by logging in and accessing the Internet.

3. Student will check that they can connect to Earnshaw technology support virtual classroom. ​ 

4. Student will be enrolled in the Earnshaw technology support virtual classroom (if not already enrolled).

5. Student confirms that they have received their device back by signing the relevant space on the enrolment form.

6. Curriculum specific software and apps (including Office 365) will be installed at home (if not already installed). See appendix C - software and apps (PDF, 52K). 

​Choosing a device

Minimum specifications

The purchased/chosen device, must meet the following specifications to be used at the college:

Minimum 3.5 hours of battery life.

Wireless enabled (A/B/G/N band).

Carry case / protective slip for school bag / purpose-made school bag.

10.1 inch screen (iPad mini excepted).

We reserve the right to turn away any device.

Things to consider

When purchasing/choosing a device for a student to bring to the college, you need to consider the following:

Device type – It is recommended that the device should be an iPad (years 1- 3) or a Windows laptop/tablet (years 4-12).  Android devices will be accepted, but the college will not guarantee connectivity or full functionality of the device.  

Portability – appropriate weight,  size and protection (carry case and screen protector)

Keyboards - specifically for tablets/iPads

Battery life – Will it last a whole day of use?

Longevity – physical wear and tear, device operating speed after a few years.

Warranty/servicing arrangement – How long is the warranty?  What does it cover?

Insurance – Is the device covered by your House and Contents insurance?

Additional features – camera, microphone.

Subject based software (eg. AutoCAD) may require better device specifications.  Please consider this when choosing/purchasing a device. See appendix C - software and apps (PDF, 52K).